What is Milongueando Toronto?

To answer this question we need to define Milonguear.

Milonguear is to be socializing in a milonga, where the intent is to meet people, reunite with friends, make new friends, and dance if in the mood, if the right partner is there, and if the music inspires one to do so. Even in the 21st century, a milonguero/a does not make it his or her sole purpose to dance every song all night long. Argentineans view this as very artificial. It lacks a social and cultural side that we are trying to ignite in Toronto’s Argentine tango community.

The Art of Milonguear is to sometimes sit and enjoy the music, talk and learn about the orchestras and, once in a while, dance in a pleasant, well-organized salon without being kicked or involved in collisions. Milonguear has no style, age, or gender. It is a way of behaving with respect in a social environment. Milonguear is becoming a lost art. People attend different tango events thinking they are there to put on a show, work up a sweat, or teach and tell people how to dance. The milonga is not a gym, stage, running track, or tango class. It is a social gathering, a place for people to meet.

Milongueando Toronto will host milongas with DJs who play traditional tangos, to recreate the environment of the milongas of Buenos Aires and at El Congreso in Toronto. We have recognized the need for milongueros and milongueras to have a place to practice this art and are happy to bring them Milongueando Toronto.

Milonguero/Milonguera Ambassadors. Milongueando Toronto will have milonguero and milonguera ambassadors from all over the world, who will create an environment in which newcomers can feel welcome and learn the Art of Milonguear. We will count on those who already know this art to carry it on and teach it while attending Milongueando Toronto, since the best way to learn this art is to acquire it through association with milongueros and milongueras.

Cabeceo: This way of inviting people to dance will be in effect during Milongueando Toronto.

Dress Code: Suits and dresses or skirts are a must. No sneakers or denim

DJs: The DJs will be people who understand and have experience with milongas in Buenos Aires.

Neighbourhood clubs such as Club Almagro, Sin Rumbo, and Club Gricel are some of the best examples of places where people go to experience Milonguear.

El Congreso: Milongueando has always been at the heart of El Congreso, Toronto’s annual Argentine Tango Congress. El Congreso has been able to create milongas as seen in neighbourhood clubs in Buenos Aires. We hope that Milongueando Toronto will become a place where more Milongueros/as can be born and that we can bring back the Art of Milonguear and make MilongueandoToronto a place…

“where the old ways have joined the new”

Bryant R. Lopez


Bryant & Faye Lopez


Carlos Boeri & Alison Murray


DJ Jason Jiang

No Frame

DJ Linda Walsh


DJ Christian Gagnon


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