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About El Congreso Culture



Tango, the sensual dance from Buenos Aires, has been called a feeling that is danced, and a walking embrace.It is said that Tango is not in the feet; it is in the heart. The roots of Tango are in African candombe, Cuban habanera, and the waltzes, mazurkas, and polkas of the 19th century immigrants to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay, and, although tango continues to evolve, its essence remains after more than a century. Today, tango is going through a renaissance. Like Buenos Aires, Toronto is a multicultural city where tango is thriving.

For 4 days in October, Tango Soul Productions will bring A Taste of Argentina to Toronto. El Congreso, the annual celebration of the culture, music, and soul of Argentine Tango features internationally renowned tango dancers from Argentina, the United States, and Canada, who will be in Toronto to share their tango knowledge and experience through workshops, shows, interviews, and social evenings. Participants in the Congress will have the chance to meet the maestros and share a glass of excellent Argentinean wine with them. El Congreso has something for everyone. Whether you are a beginning or experienced tango dancer or just want to learn something about the culture of Argentina, come and experience all that El Congreso has to offer.

The ideas at the heart of El Congreso are:

- To bring the Toronto tango community together around Argentine tango, which we are all passionate about.

- To immerse Toronto tangueros and tangueras in the culture of Argentine tango- the music, dance, history, sounds, and tastes.

- To promote collaboration and cooperation between tango groups. Every tango school in this city offers something unique. Come and let the rest of the community know what your group is all about.

The difference between Tango Festival & Tango Congress?

A festival is an event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community. A congress is a meeting or association composed of representatives from different nations, states, provinces, independent organizations, or groups.

In the world of Argentine Tango, festivals usually consist of series of dancing events; tango workshops & milongas. El Congreso focuses on the culture through the dance. Although we do offer tango workshops with the maestros, we also offer wine tastings and interviews with the maestros our goal is to immerse you in the culture of Argentine Tango. Give you a taste of Buenos Aires. That’s what makes it a unique experience. Our goal is to create a warm environment where people can learn by sharing and associating with other fellow tangueros. This is how we keep the tradition alive.

Why don’'t we have specific themes for the workshops?

The maestros that teach at El Congreso are given “carte blanche”. This means we ask them to teach you what they feel they need to share, not what we think you should be learning. This changes the class dynamic and follows the tradition of the way we learn from maestros in Argentina. Not to worry, you will still learn some amazing figures, but they are not predetermined. Tango is improvised. Be in the moment. Take a risk.

I have never attended El Congreso, what events should I attend?

If you have never attended the congress we highly recommend that you clear your schedule for Friday night wine tasting event. This is where you get to know the maestros and this evening sets the tone for the whole weekend. No one knows how to explain it in words, so you’ll just have to show up to find it out for yourself.

I have just started Argentine Tango, can I still attend El Congreso activities?

Absolutely! This is the perfect event for you. Immerse yourself in a weekend of activities. There are some workshops that are for all levels. El Congreso offers a friendly environment where you can meet great people and really find out about the heart of Argentine Tango and its culture. We also have a special package for beginners called "A taste of Argentina". Find out more details on our events page.

In the hope that we can all be part of this exciting collaboration, we warmly invite you to El Congreso 2012


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